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Kruemeline 05.05.2012 19:52

Top 200 Players International
Top 200 players and coincidentally also all players with more than 30.000 points. Enjoy. ;)

SKApidampam 06.05.2012 13:12


Brendyrees 06.05.2012 13:19

Mě psal že to nemŠ uppdaty...

Kruemeline 06.05.2012 23:34


Původně založeno SKApidampam (Indl√¶g 14224)
It must be very hard work, all the statistics and devoted much time. The statistics look very good.
How often do you update the statistics ? and working on it yourself or have you team ?

Thanks. :) I do all these statistics by myself. It's easy work because I am an Excel freak and I got 1 char on every server (named Kruemeline; Kruemeline2 on some servers). It's much work, but I like doing it. There are regular updates of the top 100 international players which you can completely see in this thread. There you can also see the data back to 13.03.2012. I will not have the time to post all statistics on all soccerstar forums, moreover I will have very much to do in RL during the next few weeks. ;)


Matusovic 26.06.2012 05:19

Pekne no xD

Kruemeline 05.08.2012 17:36

Update August 5th
Today I spent some more time on table-making. Enjoy the result. ;)
Older versions, updates and other tables of me can be viewed in the international section on the German forums.


Lama4ewer 06.08.2012 12:10

Good Job ;)

Kruemeline 19.07.2018 16:30

Zobrazený čas je SEČ +1. AktuŠlní čas 06:36.

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